SIS user update "Skip" because "Create User is Disabled".

  • 10 January 2024
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I have an SIS connected via a OneRoster update. It seems to update fine but any new students are getting skipped because, as the title states, “Create User is Disabled”. When I go into settings for the SIS app (Rediker Admin Plus) I see the following:



The import students and other have greyed out X’s by them. Is there a way to change this? Initially we imported our students and faculty/staff by Google SSO but we don’t get all the information from there so I would like this OneRoster to create students faculty and staff if possible. It creates parents just fine. Any ideas to get me moving in the right directions? Thanks!

6 replies

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@MPeters 48079a4 stjacademy Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

Are you the iiQ admin? If not, you do not have the permission to make these adjustments. 

@Kathryn Carter Yes I am the IIQ Admin.

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@MPeters 48079a4 stjacademy This is very interesting, as when I was able to log in as an iiQ admin, it did not gray out those boxes. I would submit a ticket with iiQ support if your permissions have not changed. 

@Kathryn Carter Okay thank you I will do this.

Going through implementation now. IIQ tech support will have to check those boxes on that screen.

Despite their claims, IIQ does not really support Classlink in the same way we are accustomed. The accounts are that are create via Classlink sync do not support Classlink SSO and are assigned a random password that you have to manually change before users can login.  Their “Classlink SSO” is some weird AD proxy thing and only works if you have local AD.

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Thank you for your insight @DAdmin 997746e sevier