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  • 21 August 2023
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Depending on a Staff Members Title they are qualified for different devices. We capture this in Powerschool but I don’t see how to include this field to map to Users. If I go into Apps\Manage choose Powerschool and select Manage I can see available data mappings, but not a way to add one that’s not there. 


Ideally I want to map a users Title in Powerschool so that it shows as a custom field in IIQ Example: I click on a user and I can see thier title is Art Teacher meaning they qualify for a Macbook instead of a Chromebook. I have created a custom field, but still don’t see it in IIQ

4 replies

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You can create searchable fields in the app integrations themselves. I have setup a “Title” field from Google SSO so that I have a job title field to filter by in views, etc.

The Data Mapping tab that you’re on is just to set which apps can update those built in fields, and which take precedence.

This one threw me for a loop too when we first set it up.

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Thanks @jclark16 for jumping in with this answer. 

@PHayes 713a135 huusd does this workaround work for you?? 

Not exactly. But I think we have a workaround a different way. If that doesn’t work out we can use this as an alternative. 

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@PHayes 713a135 huusd What workaround are you using? I would love to know what you have created! 😄