Using location change as user rule trigger

  • 28 April 2023
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I’m trying to set up a rule to create a ticket whenever a student changes locations in the district...i.e. they are moved from one school to another in our SIS and our Google sync changes their location in iiQ.

I have set up a rule for Users, when Updated with the following criteria: 

‘When field is update: Location’

I tried a variation where I added to the filter ‘Location’ and included all locations. When the user location changes either manually, or by Google sync, the rule is evaluated but marked as false in the rule log. We have several other rules that are similar based on the user role changing between student and no access and staff and no access and the rules work great. Am I missing something?


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7 replies

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@DAdmin 407d141 mtbluersd Thank you for submitting your question. 

I am doing some research on this for you. Could you provide a screenshot of what you currently have set up? 


Tagging some of our rule masters: @Cozmo03 @bclark @jax @bbeaudette @jclark16 

Do y’all have any thoughts or similar set ups? 

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I read it wrong so I'm deleted what I had in there. 


@Cozmo03 and I are trying to see if we can figure this out. We got the same error.

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We created a rule matching a role of student, a specific test user, and when the location field updates. 

It failed. When I took off the location updating part it worked so the flaw is something with that. 

Possibly related, I've had a rule set up for a year about duplicated users and if one is created it would email me. What I found was it never actually did email me until a few months ago. I don't know why it started. But something with the "when field is updated" seems unreliable. I never got around to reporting it though. 

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Just to clarify, the rule should be a User rule based on the ‘update’ trigger, as noted in the screenshot. It would be followed by the ‘when field is updated’ criteria. The action would be to create the ticket from a template. Is this the approach being taken?


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That looks like what we were trying this morning, with the additions of we had it also tied to a test user and filtered to just students.


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I tested this on our environment, and it seems the rule doesn’t work. Could be a potential bug. I left it pretty straightforward, pretty much exactly what @bclark shows in the screenshot, and I can confirm that the rule does not execute.

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@DAdmin 407d141 mtbluersd Go ahead and submit a support ticket; it looks like we still need something, and they will be able to provide more information. 😄

Thank you @bclark @bbeaudette @Cozmo03 and @jclark16 for your thinking and work on this one!