Hosting multiple "Schools" at one location, or grouping locations together

At our district, we have a location that hosts multiple “schools”. We currently have two charters working out of the district facility and using some district equipment, such as desktops and projectors. Their students exist in a weird “in-district but not actually in-district” state, and to make this even more confusing, we have a classroom of in-district students that is staffed by one of the charters. To better organize where the students are located, we’ve created multiple “schools” in our SIS platform that sync into iiQ. The issue arises when tickets at these sites come in, as different staff put in their tickets from each “school” and devices that are located at the facility get divided between the different “schools” and move around constantly. I would prefer to have one large group, such as a “Campus” that can house all of the devices and any tickets submitted from any “School” within it will be part of this group, while maintaining the SIS sync to each “School”. I understand that most people wouldn’t need to use this feature as almost everywhere else “Campus” and “School” are synonymous. There was another thread that mentioned grouping sites together to accomplish a similar goal, when one tech or one pool of devices services a few schools. I think that could work for me as well. Setting users to multiple locations | Community (

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